UTG Customer Satisfaction Beats MSP Average by 6x, Beats B2B Average by 4x

UTG Customer Satisfaction

The results are in and UTG’s customer satisfaction results are in!  Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face multiple challenges, from attracting the right talent to providing expert support. As the demand for managed services grows, increasing pressure is placed on MSPs to scale operations quickly, without loss of service quality.  The managed services industry is highly competitive; this makes achieving best-in-class performance in multiple areas particularly challenging. There are a lot of MSPs in the industry, and outperforming them requires a tremendous amount of effort.

In the past 6 months, UTG has achieved several milestones that place it, undeniably, as an industry leader. We’re proud of what our engineering team has accomplished and would love to share these with you here.

Our Support Ticket stats set a new bar for IT Service Providers

During the last 6 months, our Managed Services Team resolved 2,715 P1 support tickets. “P1” tickets are the most severe, critical issues that are causing some kind of service disruption until resolved. Our average resolution time was just a touch over an hour – no small feat when the industry average for response time alone is at least 60 minutes.

To achieve fast resolution times, UTG uses a combination of broad IT expertise and the latest technologies to troubleshoot and resolve support issues quickly. As soon as you create a support ticket, our experts begin work immediately to resolve your issue. Your ticket doesn’t sit idle in a queue until somebody “gets to it”.

Our Chat Support sets a new record!

For most companies, chat support is a faster, but lower quality option. It’s more convenient for the customer, but comes at the cost of working only with entry-level (and many times sub-par) support staff.

At UTG, you get access to the same exact team of highly qualified support staff, regardless of whether you open a request via email, phone, or chat. We offer the convenience and flexibility of chat without compromising quality! With UTG, you’re going to get a highly qualified, capable support pro every time.

Our commitment to top quality, professional support has resulted in a new record for us–UTG customers choosing to open support tickets via chat over 25% of the time! This is rather unprecedented for managed IT support providers.

We make fast resolution times in chat possible through live engineering teams that work in real time on your IT issue. This translates to fewer interruptions for you, the client, and a higher rate of first contact resolutions, which has become an expectation in today’s managed IT environment.

UTG customers are really happy!

The Net Promoter Score (or NPS) represents the level of customer satisfaction with our services. NPS is an initiative that replaces long questionnaires with a 0-10 rating system and a single question: “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” The minimum score possible is -100, with 100 the max.

NPS has become popular with MSPs and IT support companies because of its convenience. It takes only a few seconds to complete an NPS survey and submit it. Clients are much more likely to answer a single question and fortify it with a brief statement about the quality of service when the process takes very little time. We use NPS and love it because we get a much more accurate picture of how our clients see us when compared with a the traditional 1-10 score.

According to a survey mentioned in this Channel Futures article, IT service providers averaged an NPS score of only 13, compared to an average NPS of 20-25 for B2B firms in general. Other findings of the survey include a high demand for managed IT services, with 69% of SMBs having hired at least one IT service provider.

In 2016, UTG attained an NPS score of 84, far above the average for IT service providers (13) and b2b companies in general (20-25).

How did UTG customer satisfaction beat our industry average by over 600%?

We found ways to quickly deliver effective solutions with best-in-class customer support for all of our clients. When we say that we leverage technology to grow your business, we mean it!

For example, we’ve just completed a 6 month initiative where we rolled out a completely redesigned document management and retrieval system, online digital document signatures and payment portal–all for our clients.

Note to UTG Clients: to learn more, please refer to the 2017 Q4 Newsletter that was sent to you or contact your Relationship Manager.

Our professional IT staff is constantly evaluating, testing and training on the latest technologies to provide you (and us) with as many technical advantages as possible.

Expertise and state-of-the-art technology are only half of why our customers are happy. The other half has to do with personalized, professional customer service from the same team members that manage your services. Unlike customer service representatives that read from a script, ours respond to your actual issues with expertise, asking you the right questions so they can immediately begin work resolving your issue.

Congratulations to our Support and NOC teams!

Hitting these milestones was no easy task; we couldn’t have reached these new heights without the tireless effort and dedication of our Support and NOC teams. They are genuine experts that really know what they are doing. And, to top it off, they do it with professionalism and a smile. Each of them loves their job and it shows! We’re proud of each and every Support and NOC team member!

Thank you, Support and NOC, for doing great work!

Eric Dykes

Eric Dykes

Eric was co-founder and CEO of United Technology Group, LLC (UTG), acquired by Coretelligent in 2019. In that role, he directed the company’s vision and strategy in partnership with co-founder Brian Miller and the company’s board. As the SVP of Operations for the Southern Region, he has operational responsibilities for this crucial geographic region.

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