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Cryptojacking vs Cryptomining

Cryptomining and cryptojacking attacks are on the rise . In the last six months of 2018, we’ve seen an escalation in malicious cryptomining and cryptojacking activities. Download our Fighting Back Against Cryptojacking infographic to learn more about Cryptojacking and Cryptomining.

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Crytocurrency Fight Back Guide – IT Best Practices

Cryptojacking has recently erupted onto the cybercrime scene, thanks to the surge in value during 2017 of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum. Learn how to fight back! Explore the differences between legitimate mining and cryptojacking.

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12 Cloud Security Threats

Organizations that rely solely on a cloud provider's built-in security are potentially putting themselves at unnecessary increased risk of exposure and breach. Download our 12 Cloud Security Threats quick tip sheet to read the top 12 threats you should be aware of.

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2018 Ransomware Checklist

Every year the attack surface of mid-market companies increases. Regularly reviewing your security practices is a first line of defense against attacks. Download our 5 Minute Ransomware Checklist to audit your current cyberdefense against Ransomware attacks.

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How a Co-Managed IT Partnership is the answer to getting you ahead

Is your IT considered a cost center or strategic business asset in your organization? As IT becomes more engrained in business processes, its organization, culture, and skillsets will also need to radically change. In this eBook, we’ll outline what this change needs to look like. Download our How a Co-Managed Partnership Is The Answer to Getting Your IT Department Ahead to find out how to maximize your productivity and meet business objectives.

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Ransomware Survival Guide

What is your plan to survive Ransomware attacks? This guide will help you understand and minimize the risk, offer best practices for preventing attacks, and give you strategies for responding after criminals have encrypted your machines. Download a copy today.

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Disaster & Recovery Calculator

Evaluate your recovery time and recovery point objectives and find out how much it could cost you if you are not prepared. Seconds really do matter. Use our calculator to find out how much each second may cost you.

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How IT Project Management Adds Value to IT Projects

IT Project management, when it’s put to use properly, can mean a wide range of benefits for its users. This can come in the form of hiring a certified Project Manager, or in some cases giving your own PM skills a tune up! Download our How IT Project Management Adds Value to Your IT Projects to find out how to maximize your IT projects.

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Phishing Toolkit

Train your human firewall to be phish aware and reduce your phishing risk. Use this Anti-Phishing Toolkit to begin training your End Users what to look for and how to identify Phishing Attempts. Companies with a consistent and managed Security Awareness Training Program saw their Phish Prone Percentage drop from 27% to 2% in one year. Download your toolkit to start!

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6 Steps to Take to Reduce Phishing

According to Deloitte over one third of consumers would consider leaving a company after a cyber-security breach even if they did not have a material loss. 91% of cyber attacks start with a spear phishing email. Download our Spear Phishing - How the Bad Guys Spear Phish Targets to find out how to reduce your end users urge to click!

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