Is Your Digital Transformation Stalled?

Change management can be a messy process, pulling assets away from current projects in the hopes of future gain. Trying to limp through this type of project only utilizing internal resources can be a recipe for disaster, but it can also be difficult to find an IT services company that can be an extension of your internal IT team. If your digital transformation process is in need of a jump-start, it might be time to consider a different business model: flexible, co-managed IT solutions that help reduce the overall complexity for your business.

Creating a Culture of Change

Ask any IT professional: technology simply cannot solve the problem of adoption — that is a cultural change that must be addressed for any tech project to be successful. Finding an IT services partner that understands how to bring users alongside throughout the project can make the difference between a progressive solution that improves the competitive nature of the organization . . . and a very expensive failed project. Your technology solutions consultants need to be able to recognize the speed of change that will be acceptable within the organization and have the right mindset and communication style to make it work.

Proactive Project Management

When asked why technology projects fail, it’s often easy to point to the project management as an issue. The reality is that proactive communications and project management are the key to digital transformation. Without maintaining a clear and honest line of communication with all stakeholders, you run the risk of a perception that there’s no forward motion. You need an IT services partner that is willing to have the tough conversations in a positive way, creating a win-win path that helps your business move forward and gain the value that you need from your strategic vision for the future.

Aligning IT Projects with Business Strategies

Do you have multiple technology projects running at the same time, draining resources from your company? It’s not unusual to find that high-level strategy is a challenge for matrixed organizations, with multiple teams heading in the same direction or attempting to utilize the same set of limited resources. With co-managed IT solutions, you’re able to direct the focus for your technology projects to where they can be the most effectively — directly aligned with the business goals and strategies for your organization. When you are able to take some of the pressure off of internal IT teams, you are creating a win-win situation as business users will feel more directly supported and technology teams have time and space for innovation.

Your business thrives on having the right solutions available at the right time while creating a firm foundation for your operations. At United Technology Group, our team of dedicated professionals works closely with organizations of all sizes to create a co-managed approach that leverages the best of both internal and fully-outsourced IT models. Contact us today at 678-730-0345 or via email to to schedule your free initial consultation and to see why companies across the country have selected UTG as their technology partner of choice.

United Technology Group

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