Internal, Outsourced, or Co-Managed: The Pros and Cons of These Three IT Management Structures

Running an IT department that supports all the needs of the organization can feel overwhelming, especially when there are budget and timeline pressures from all directions. Leadership may perceive that keeping all IT activities internal to the organization is the most cost-effective option, but the factors that are not always considered are the opportunity cost and risk associated with not having the right support for your business technology. There are many hidden costs associated with insourcing your IT services instead of outsourcing to a trusted support partner. From seeing the true cost of downtime to the lost productivity of your staff, see why organizations of all sizes are turning to outsourced IT to support their business.

Internal IT Support

There is a wide range of benefits with internal IT support, most notably that you have someone directly in your office at all times and that you can quickly run to when you have a problem. While that’s a big win for many organizations, it can also be your downfall — internal IT teams are often overwhelmed with the day-to-day questions and concerns that are brought to their attention by business staff. This can make prioritization a big challenge, especially when your IT team is researching new software, trying to meet with vendors or applying patches to their critical business systems. Finding technology team members who have the breadth of knowledge required to keep businesses compliant and running smoothly can also be difficult and will continue to be a problem as important skills such as cybersecurity are increasingly in demand.

Downtime is unavoidable in any business, but with Gartner estimating the cost of downtime at nearly $5,600 per minute it’s vital that your team reduces downtime as much as possible. Nearly every business relies on software and that means the organization is vulnerable to a cybersecurity attack such as a data breach or malware. When your internal team falls behind in applying patches or maintaining high levels of security for your partners, your business is at a much greater risk of a data breach or other form of cyberattack.

Outsourced IT Support

Just as with looking to internal staff for IT support, there can be some opportunities associated with fully outsourcing your technical needs. Unless you have an extremely proactive partner, you might be losing productivity on the business side due to slow service or your partner’s inability to quickly respond to demands. Finding the ideal outsourced IT services provider means identifying an organization that will fully invest in your business and make recommendations that will help you grow and evolve in the future. Outsourced IT support works well for organizations without the payroll available to support several specialists, especially if you work with an outsourced partner that also offers onsite resources to support your business. With an outsourced IT services model, you’re able to utilize the best-in-class enterprise-scale technology of your partner, without a heavy overhead that your business may not be able to support. This allows you to extend the knowledge of your team and provide a robust infrastructure that you need to meet business demands.

Co-Managed IT Support

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Co-managed IT support gives you all the accountability of internal support with the extended bench strength and knowledge that you would expect to gain from a trusted partner. With co-managed IT support, you’re able to quickly scale your support as needed, providing a solid base of technology operations for your business. If you are faced with any type of business outage or cybersecurity incident, you can be confident that there’s a team only a phone call away that is already familiar with your business systems and is able to jump into the fray to help you get back online quickly.

Re-balancing your internal and external IT support is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be made in a vacuum. When you work with the proactive solutions providers at UTG, you can be confident that you have a partner fully invested in the success of your organization. Contact the UTG team today at 678-730-0345 to learn how we can provide you with the white glove support that you deserve. Our managed IT solutions are helping organizations solve their most difficult IT challenges with strategic solutions.