Discover Eye-Opening Insights Hidden in Your Data with Power BI

What analytics do you get with Power BI?

Whether your corporation operates in the sphere of healthcare, finance, insurance, or another industry, you likely want to know as much as possible about your company’s inner workings. But not all IT departments have the budget to hire a team of data scientists to crunch numbers around the clock. And even companies that do have access to unlimited resources aren’t guaranteed to discover data buried deep inside their operations. To truly unearth invaluable insights hidden in your business, you need to put Power BI to work for you.

What is Power BI?

Developed by Microsoft, Power BI is a robust suite of business analytics tools that surfaces trends, What analytics do you get with Power BI?patterns, and other data-based connections that may otherwise go unnoticed. Through personalized reports, customized dashboards, and interactive visualizations based on an organization’s unique data, Power BI grants users unparalleled visibility of their business analytics and sheds light on relationships that may never have been considered. The best part, however, is that Power BI does all of this without requiring a dedicated team of database administrators.

Power BI easily connects to hundreds of data sources and has the ability deliver insights across various tiers of your organization. The platform produces gorgeous reports that are easy to share across your organization and look stunning on any size device. Having that kind of information at the tip of your fingers can have a dramatic impact upon operations and can help your company stand out from the competition.

Is Power BI Right for You?

Not sure your business has an actual use-case for Power BI? Consider this scenario: Say you operate a modest financial firm experiencing a surge of success. If your technology hasn’t kept pace with your business’s growth, there are likely a lot of dots you’re not connecting and a lot of opportunities you’re missing out on. But once you take advantage of the advanced tools included with Power BI, you’ll What analytics do you get with Power BI?have easy access to key bits of data your company’s chief officers would love to know about.

Furthermore, say your company’s C-level likes to see a certain series of reports each morning. You can use Power BI to automatically import a particular dataset and update your executives’ dashboards accordingly. From that point, the big bosses can make more well-informed decisions about what actions to take next. You can also incorporate additional elements into your dashboard such as cash on hand, works in progress, and new sales discovery meetings. The possibilities are virtually endless.

UTG Helps Businesses Make the Most of Power BI

UTG Solutions is a managed services provider that helps IT departments in mid-market companies get up and running with Power BI. This analytics-as-a-service offering enables our customers to define strategic KPIs they can use to measure deeper, more meaningful data hidden within their business. Such insights have the ability to play a transformative role in growing companies.

What analytics do you get with Power BI?

While our current partners use Power BI for a variety of purposes, most of them also use the tool to measure the effectiveness of the work UTG does for them. Our managed services customers want to ensure that they’re getting their investment’s worth, and we love it when they can easily see how well we’ve performed at any given time. We even incorporate our commitments into our SLAs, so if we don’t perform, we lose money. Power BI can measure if we’re living up to our SLA and will alert us if we’re not. For example, if we’ve promised 99.99% availability and go below that, we hold ourselves accountable.

Get Started Today with Power BI

Business Intelligence is more valuable today than it’s ever been before, and Power BI the most advanced tool on the market. This analytics-as-a-service platform not only helps you understand data, but it also allows you to devise a well-informed plan for improvement. Consider UTG as an extension on your existing IT department, and let us put Power BI to work for you. Don’t miss out on having your business’s best year ever. Call UTG today and take the first step toward a more powerful, more intelligent organization.

Brian Miller

Brian Miller

Brian was co-founder and president of United Technology Group, LLC (UTG), acquired by Coretelligent in 2019. As the SVP of Business Development for the Southern Region, he leads our sales efforts in this crucial geographic region. Brian’s background consist of leadership roles in sales, marketing and business development.

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