From Outsourced IT to Co-sourced IT—The Journey from Startup to Midmarket

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Let’s face it, most companies start off scrappy and lean. This means you probably don’t have an internal IT person—many don’t even have a contracted IT professional or anywhere to turn for IT problems aside from perhaps calling for hardware or software manufacturer support (if you’ve had the displeasure of suffering through this, we feel for you!!) Soon, however, your … Read More

2016 Presidential Cybersecurity Showdown

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In the first presidential debate last Monday evening, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump went toe-to-toe over cybersecurity, among other things. So, who came out on top, and do either of them really grasp the severity of the situation?

First and foremost, being a military veteran and having been exposed to classified information most of my military career, it is unfathomable that someone would transmit classified email on a non-government server.

Business Intelligence Solutions are for Small Business Too

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People have been looking at data to improve business since the beginning of…well… business. I can see it now. 2,000 years ago, a Roman sandal-wearing street merchant notices over time that he gets about ten more customers on the days he puts a canopy up over his wagon, sheltering customers from the brutal sun. So, he decides he’ll go through the hassle … Read More