DRaaS, Data Protection, and Cybersecurity for the Mid-Sized Business

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The link between DRaaS and mid-sized business.

The rapidly growing demand for data means businesses must engage in greater protection methods to keep data safe. Mid-sized businesses are especially ripe targets for hackers, as they don’t have the data protection capability of large corporations, but they also have more resources available to take than the small business. A new era of cybersecurity calls for both current understanding and an idea of … Read More

In-House or Outsourced: The Best Disaster Recovery

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Comparing types of disaster recovery.

No one wants to be caught needing recovery tools in the wake of a disaster, especially with downtime costing what it does in lost opportunity, lost face in the market, competition taking market share and more. Actually executing disaster recovery, though, can be difficult. With so many options, how can you ever know if you’re choosing the right one? Let’s take a look at … Read More

Disaster Recovery: The Sometimes Poorly-Understood Technology

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What disaster recovery is, and is not.

If there’s one thing we know by now, it’s that it’s an almost criminal understatement to refer to technology as a “complex field.” Worse, it’s a field that’s self-catalyzing; every new development spawns new developments of its own. Those new developments spawn their own and so on to the point that, by the time you’ve learned the first one, most of what … Read More

DRaaS: Always-On Insurance for Your Business

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A closer look at DRaaS.

No one likes to think about experiencing a disaster, for much the same reasons we don’t like to plan our own funerals. We don’t like inviting that kind of trouble into our lives, considering the consequences of a fire destroying all our work or a flood making it impossible to carry on business. A clearer understanding of DRaaS, disaster recovery as … Read More

Business Intelligence: A Valuable New Tool in Mid-Market Business

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What business intelligence means to businesses.

For almost any business of almost any size, the list of things they need seems to be never-ending, and it changes depending on who’s talking. Business intelligence is a relatively recent addition to this list, but when you stop and consider why business intelligence is becoming increasingly necessary, the notion is quite valid. What Problems Do Mid-Market Businesses Have that … Read More

The Care and Feeding of a Business Intelligence Program

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Make the best business intelligence program with these tips.

Business intelligence has rapidly proven to be a desirable addition to any company’s operations — and with good reason. It’s shown itself capable of delivering lower costs, smoother internal operations, and even improvements in overall strategic capability, all on the strength of better data sharing that gives every department access to the most complete picture of a business and its … Read More