Business Intelligence: A Valuable New Tool in Mid-Market Business

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What business intelligence means to businesses.

For almost any business of almost any size, the list of things they need seems to be never-ending, and it changes depending on who’s talking. Business intelligence is a relatively recent addition to this list, but when you stop and consider why business intelligence is becoming increasingly necessary, the notion is quite valid. What Problems Do Mid-Market Businesses Have that … Read More

The Care and Feeding of a Business Intelligence Program

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Make the best business intelligence program with these tips.

Business intelligence has rapidly proven to be a desirable addition to any company’s operations — and with good reason. It’s shown itself capable of delivering lower costs, smoother internal operations, and even improvements in overall strategic capability, all on the strength of better data sharing that gives every department access to the most complete picture of a business and its … Read More

How Business Intelligence Increasingly Means Smarter Business

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The value of business intelligence.

A more intelligent business is often the goal for many, including mid-market businesses, which have come to realize greater intelligence allows them to exploit their agility over large businesses and their resourcefulness over small businesses. Knowing the right way to go means reduced waste in resources and improved business focus. So building a smarter business becomes a goal, but the … Read More

Discover Eye-Opening Insights Hidden in Your Data with Power BI

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What analytics do you get with Power BI?

Whether your corporation operates in the sphere of healthcare, finance, insurance, or another industry, you likely want to know as much as possible about your company’s inner workings. But not all IT departments have the budget to hire a team of data scientists to crunch numbers around the clock. And even companies that do have access to unlimited resources aren’t … Read More

What Program Management Options Can You Get When Working with an MSP?

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Program Management - MSP

The idea of working with a managed service provider (MSP) appeals to many thanks to the sheer range of potential options involved. While there are major differences among MSPs, some points of program management are at least somewhat common. So the question remains for those interested: what kinds of options can you expect when working with an MSP? Program management … Read More

Program Management Improves Where Co-Management is Used

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UTG | MSP Co-Management

Trying to get the most out of a managed service provider’s (MSP) breed of program management is vital to every business. Some have even begun to look to co-management concepts for improvements, and many have found welcome gains in performance. What kind of help can a business derive from co-management with an MSP? Knowing the answer to that question will … Read More