Program Management Improves Where Co-Management is Used

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Trying to get the most out of a managed service provider’s (MSP) breed of program management is vital to every business. Some have even begun to look to co-management concepts for improvements, and many have found welcome gains in performance. What kind of help can a business derive from co-management with an MSP? Knowing the answer to that question will … Read More

Healthcare Security and the Cloud: Risks, Rewards, and Making the Most of It All

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The development of cloud-based systems, from the Internet of Things (IoT) to standard software-based matter, has led to a great many advances and useful technologies for all manner of businesses. While healthcare businesses are certainly included, they need to be mindful of the security risks that come with the benefits. So how can the benefits be enjoyed while healthcare security … Read More

PCI Compliance Standards: A Difficult but Vital Path to Success

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When we go out shopping, we have certain expectations. One of these is that our payment card data will be treated with a certain level of responsibility. Expecting our data to remain safe should be a foregone conclusion, but it isn’t always. That’s what the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) standards are out to help ensure. These are stringent standards, and … Read More

How to Keep IoT Security Problems from Interfering in IoT Value

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Perhaps one of the biggest technological developments of the 21st century so far is the Internet of Things (IoT). With already-widespread and growing use, more and more industries are finding a role for these systems in everyday operations. Healthcare is no exception, and within the broader market, the mid-market healthcare business is even less an exception. Yet despite all the … Read More

Stop Planning for the Last War: How to Make Your Security Plans Match Reality

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Generals always plan to fight the last war. While there isn’t really an originator for this aphorism—it’s been traced to two or three different sources at roughly the same time frame—it’s a valuable piece of cautionary wisdom all the same. Many IT professionals in mid-market businesses find themselves in a similar position. In planning to meet their security needs, they … Read More

The Top Nine Security Gaps for Mid-Market Businesses

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The risk of security breaches for mid-market businesses cannot be overstated. The last few years have shown that no business — no matter the size — is completely safe from external or internal threats. So, while some enterprises are trying their utmost to keep up with the latest security measures, there are several ways they can trip up. These nine … Read More